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Ready to Give?

We're excited by our progress and our future.  We hope you are too.


We are a small, tax-exempt non-profit that depends on the generosity of our community.  Your gift directly improves Dane County's support for survivors. We welcome your investment in us, of any size and type.


DaneMAC takes pride in maximizing every contribution we receive. We want to be fiscally sustainable as we start small and grow in the years to come. 

Learn more about how to donate, collaborate, or join the DaneMAC team below.



Your financial donations have a big impact on our projects



Mobile FNE Program

$100 donation:

  • Patient medications to prevent sexually transmitted infections

$500 donation:

  • Sponsorship of 1 nurse to obtain the required coursework to become a forensic nurse.

$1000 donation:​

  • Mobile “to go” equipment bags for each of our forensic nurses to bring onsite for the exams.

$5000 donation:

  • Purchase of a HIPAA-compliant electronic medical record-keeping system




Multi Agency Portal


$50,000 donation:

  • Development of MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

$100,000 donation:​

  • Our MAP’s initial testing and adaptation through a pilot project.

$250,000 donation:

  • Full product development from ideation to implementation.




Restorative Justice Program

$100 donation:

  • Sponsorship of 1 survivor’s participation in RJ focus group.

$500 donation:

  • Sponsorship of 1 survivor's participation in DaneMAC’s survivor steering committee for 1 year.

$1000 donation:

  • RJ expert consultant during program development.

$5000 donation:​

  • DEI expert contract for ongoing work on RJ program



When we say community engagement is key, we mean it.  DaneMAC belongs to all of us. 


We welcome your perspective, ideas, and expertise.  There are lots of ways for you to make a non-monetary investment in the DaneMAC mission. We can't wait to hear from you!

Looking for other ways to contribute?

Join a committee
Partner on a program
Share your expertise
Be a connector


Interested in employment or an internship with DaneMAC? Send us a message with the form below

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