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2nd Annual
Halloween Soiree

Join us on October 27th at Madison’s for a spooky evening of tricks and treats!  Pull out your best costume and come enjoy great food, drinks, music, dancing, and raffle prizes.   All proceeds benefit our nurses and the clients they serve.

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Access Empowers.

After an assault, it shouldn't be hard to find the help you need.

 DaneMAC connects survivors of gender-based violence to the right help, at the right time, on their terms.

We listen. We adapt.
We fill in the gaps.

Right now in Dane County, a survivor is falling into the abyss of post-assault support services. Spiraling through web searches, phone calls, and office visits, survivors have to re-tell the story of their assault countless times to strangers along the way.


The average adult survivor reaches out to at least three different resources in search of the right help. Survivors tell us this process can be as traumatic as the assault itself. Most eventually give up before ever connecting with the help the want.  


 How DaneMAC Helps Survivors


We increase survivors’ access to services and support.


We reduce the number of places a survivor must go for help.


We reduce the number of times a survivor has to tell their story.


We maximize resource efficiency to improve survivor outcomes.


Empowering through choice, connection, and innovation.

DaneMAC solutions flip around the traditional, siloed open-door service model that invites survivors in for support. Instead, we're leveraging technology, connecting resources, and mobilizing services in order to bring comprehensive, trauma-informed support services directly to survivors in the spaces where they are most comfortable.


When it comes to improving survivor access to post-assault support, we’re investing in three key categories of unmet needs.

Our Areas of Focus


Increasing access to free health and wellness care.


Increasing access to Dane County's network of support.


Increasing access to survivor-led support and justice.

What Survivors Tell Us

“Not having to drive multiple places would make an already stressful time less stressful”

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